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Real Life Story


James's Life Story

James’s Life Story  I didn’t know my name and I am not sure my date of birth 

 HOWDY! My name is James (James Bon Thai) and I was so young when my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters were killed during genocide regime (Pol Pot Regime from 1975-1979). I was brought by one lady who worked in kid community center under Khmer Rouge controlling and there were many kids were brought and fed in this center and I felt around 6ooo children at BattamBang province. Many children died because diaries, effective disease, fever, and more. One day, one lady made a banana boat and she put me on it and she pushed along the river (Steung Sangke, Sangke River) and you know why she did like this …she said that I ate a lot things so everybody was fed up with me but I fortunately was saved by one farmer when he walked to the river and he saw me so he tried to pull a banana boat and he got me out and he brought me to his home but when his wife came his wife complained him and I heard she said that why her husband took me even though their children they could not feed so he decided to bring me back to the center again because his home was not far from center I thought around 5 kilometers when everyone ( women who worked in a kid community center ) saw me they looked so curious and I looked their faces were not happy and later on they fed me like a pig they gave me like a piece of banana tree, banana beam, watery porridge, and fish was not cooked properly but I ate all things and my abdomen was so big but my body was so skinny.  I thought around 2 or 4months later, they treated me again (they put me on banana boat) but I still survived because I was helped by one Khmer Rouge army  (He worked around villages and river) so he took me back and he claimed with women that please in the next time No Do Like This but those ladies said that I was not a good boy because I ate many things so they decided Do It On Me !  Later on, I saw many kids died because No Food and I felt around thousand and thousand.  Vietnamese army came and fought Khmer Rouge Army away and saved our country, our people in 1979. I ran away from my place in late 1979, and I saw many people were so tired, no food, naked when I ran with them and I saw many people died because of land mine explorations, and some were shot by Khmer Rouge Army and I saw some got serious wounded and some dead bodies without head, leg and arm . I got close the border (Cambodia and Thailand border) with many people but I was questioned by one guerilla as he asked me Do I have anybody here (my family)? I said I didn’t know anything and he continued to ask me How Did I Come Here? I said, uncle I came here with them when I saw them Ran I ran the same! He still asked me around and last thing he asked me some money and he asked me like this Boy Do You Have Any Money or worthy things?  I said, uncle what is Money or worthy things? I really didn’t know about money or valuable things in my life so I replied Uncle I didn’t know and please let me go in with them ( I saw them Walked into Thailand border ) but he said No Boy You must go back where you came but I still insisted him Approve Me Go in but he didn’t agree and he pointed a gun to me and he said Hey Boy You must go back So I finally ran alone through rice field and land mine field, forest and one thing I no die. Someday, I decided to go with some hundreds people and at last I walked PASS Cambodia and Thailand border with them and I saw one Thai lady (she was originally Cambodian lady but she had already became Thai citizen) as she walked to look something and I prayed her and I said Madam Please Get Me To Stay With You or Your Family because I didn’t know the places to go or where to live but she said that I am a Cambodian boy she couldn’t agree for my requesting and then she walked along way back to somewhere else. For me, I slept under trees and I tried to find something to eat LIKE wild fruit, etc. Somebody saw me I asked them some food or some snacks, etc.  Few days later, I met her again so I ran up and I prayed (Pray in this meaning is Use both hand to insist someone to help) her again but she still rejected and she rushed to go somewhere but I tried to hold her feet and I said Please Madam Help Me Help Me!  I was so happy when she turned her face and she said It Is Ok ( It meant she agreed ) so I walked behind her until we arrived home ( her home ) and that time I saw her 2 daughters and in the afternoon I saw her 3 sons and her husband in a late evening .  One day later, she told me that I have to work everything like cleaning a house, do a laundry, and cook food. I said that I didn’t know how to do it but she said she will tell me how to do and one day she told me how to do but I was not sure because my brain is so young but I followed her in what she told me and I was scolded from her as I chopped a pineapple LOOK NO GOOD TO EAT ( It meant I chopped it PLa PLa ) because I didn’t know how to chop.  I always got up around 4.00 am and I did everything before they wake up and if I get up late they will complain me so I must get up before them all the times. I quite often got leave-food after they ate and my clothes were so torn but I sometimes insisted them about this but they often rejected and they said they didn’t have money to buy new one for me so I have to wear torn clothes. I learnt Thai language when I heard they spoke, told their children to take a bath, eat lunch, fruits, cut hair, etc.   I tried to remember in how they communicate each other.  For example, she told her son to take a bath in Thai dialogue (Luok Bhai Arb Narm Terh ) so I learnt from that way as one word one word until I could remember and I could communicate with them as well neighbors .   

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People in refugee camp

Daily living and small business in a camp 


People in refugee camp

People got rice and food suppliers from UNBRO ( UNBRO = United Nations Border Reliefs Operations ).