James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

On behalf of, James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd., I am here to answer your answers and I am sure you will enjoy in what I get back and if all the things do not meet your needs, please send us through contact form.. 

1. What should I do before I book my tours? 

Please make sure about flight, passport and category of hotel, how long, how many people, and your health. 

2. Do I need to contact with embassy in my country or consultancy about traveling? 

If you want to make sure about travel info, politics, situation so we are so pleased to provide you the entire things that you want to know because we do know about our country as we live and work in the south east Asia. 

3. What would I do if my traveling will not come along with my decisions or needs? 

Please do not worry about this because we are responsible to handle your traveling from previous till the last minute for your departure or if your traveling does not come along with your requirements, so we will return in what you had paid for us and we shall compensate to you to make you satisfy and home sweet home from our arrangements and also w are unable to deduct any payment from you. 

4. Do I need to give a tip to our tour guide and a driver when I finish my traveling because I bought a package tour including with tipping? 

It depends on you but it normally when our customers bought a package we generally informed them about this case because we arranged 2 traveling options as 1st package traveling with tipping and 2nd package traveling without tipping but if you feel they treated you overthinking in what you expected so you can give them some but I am sure our tour guide and a driver knew about company rules because we trained, informed and observed their works and if something happens so please feel free to send us email, or call before your departure day. 

5. Do and Don’t! 

When you travel to the world heritage sites as such Angkor Wat temple, Ta Prohm temple, Bayon temple, Baphoun temple, Banteaysrei temple and other ancient temples so please do not wear too short pants, t-shirt or shirt must cover your shoulders and pants must be under your knees and do not touch the stones, carvings, loud voice or climb the stones but if you are not sure so look the signboards (Do Not Touch, Do Not Climb, etc.) there are many ancient temples in Cambodia will not allow someone break our law, our culture and also our religion but Buddhist temples as no problem and if you do not want to wear long sleeves or long pants our monks or nuns will no complain you but we are Cambodian people when we go to pray in the pagoda we should not wear too short pants, or wear a cap and we always take off a cap, shoes before you go into a main building of monk praying even though we are Cambodian people to visit a royal palace in Phnom Penh capital city we have to wear proper cloths are the same you but the rest do not matter with clothing, anyway you visit ancient temples or Buddhist temples when you meet monks you can pray or no pray as it doesn’t get troubles and you can ask them to take a photo with but you ask them first if they agree so you can do but you disagree you can do and you can stand close them or touch because they are holy persons even though nuns, too. 

6. Must I change from my own currency to get your currency when I reach an airport? 

Throughout Cambodia we do accept USD everywhere from 1991 till now and we have traded each other with our neighboring countries we use USD so it is easy for us for this case but you don’t have USD in your cash flow so you should change some from your currency to get some our currencies. ATM, they serve you USD even you go to countryside our local people will treat you with USD but if you purchase one thing under 1 dollar they will change our currency for you. 

7. Our package tours provided you details in what include and exclude and our tour guides are professional and famous and there were trained with government sections and universities. There are local people and they know very clear about our cultures, destinations, world heritage sites, civilizations, beliefs and histories, mythologies, stories, or politics which relates with our country status, our government, and you would not worry about your meals as we had already set up for you and we can arrange a special request for you like food, other language speaking tour guides but we will inform you in what we charge additionally and you can vary a tour program before your last decision and we are appreciated to follow you and we are going to give you about more links with your last decision but if your decision effects with prices of tour so we will sorry to say you have to pay some more for this case. 

8. Do I need to apply a visa before arrival at airport or upon airport arrival? 

It refers to your country as if you are ASEAN people because ASEAN people do not apply the visas like Thai,Vietnamese,Laotian, Burmese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Brunei people,Philippines and Indonesian but they are sure passports are valid at least 6 months before expiry date but you aren’t ASEAN people as some must apply visas first and some countries apply visas upon airport arrival in this meant in Cambodia but if you have a plan to visit Vietnam,Myanmar,Thailand you have to ask about visa procedures before you decide to create your holiday plan and we are so glad to help you if you have plans to visit other countries around Cambodia because we have business partners that operate tourism fields for years and years ago and then we can help,support,coordinate for your trips. 

9. Need I be careful about my health, traveling places, food and security on tours? 

It is no problem with our country for these cases as around or in temple spots do not have any mosquitoes, or poisonous insects or out traveling spots and if we think about food in our country never has any problems because our local people planted vegetables, or grew rice without using chemical and also the security around tourist spots it seldom occurs any matters with our foreigner tourists or local tourists because our governments take care for this and local authority always guard around but if some tourists loses something or lost a way our authority are so active and we are sure we will not sell our country face and our polices or authorities are so serious and they often treated very good for tourists but if you are not sure about this you should put , wear or hang it on with you and be sure everything with you before you go out or down to somewhere that do not mention in our travel spot , anyway something can happen so it must be careful before something comes up. 

10. How will I pay when I decide to purchase my tours? 

We have detailed guides of payment as Visa, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Western Union Transferring. 

If everything will be confirmed, our company rule needs our customers deposit 30 percent and the rest you can pay when you reach here or pay later on when you finish the tours, anyway children under 12 years old our company charge only 50 percent but if children under 4 years old our company will not charge at all but over 12 years old our company charges 100 percent even though accommodations, meals because we think they are adults. 

11. I already booked and paid my tours but I decide to cancel it and how will I do? 

We so sorry to hear you cancel your booking but we will let you know before you decide to buy the tours and it normally if you booked during peak season –from December to March you have to book it at least 1 month before and our policy we will return your payments it follows our cancellation procedure it means you should inform us at least 2 weeks before you make up your mind to cancel your tour but you decide cancellation 2 weeks before we will charge you 30 percent or less than 2 weeks we will charge you 70 percent and the all we will send you back as it refers to our payment method. 

12. Do I bring a sun cream, lotion, hat, cap or passport with me on tours? 

Passport , you do not need to bring it and you can keep in your safety box of hotel room , but for sun cream, lotion, cap or hat as you can bring if you feel comfortable because in Cambodia has 2 main seasons like rainy season from the end of May till October and dry season from the end of October till May but between Jan and Feb we call MONSOON season but everywhere throughout Cambodia is humidity but our company staffs will advise you when you purchase the tours in which season on tour it is and we will provide you one free Cambodian traditional hat if so you are happy with our gifts you should not bring hat or cap with you. 

13. How would I do if my mobile does not have mobile sim card, mobile charger,internet or I have lost my tour guide on trip? 

In Cambodia, we have 8 giant mobile networks provide internet 3g,4g, and 5 g and our tour guide will recommend you get free mobile sim cards from telephone booths at airports and you only pop up $5.00, $6.00 or $10.00 to use internet as well you can call your friends, family and colleagues and if we talk about electricity power in Cambodia as we use 220 voltage and you can use any chargers because in hotel rooms have 2 holes and 3 holes but if it does not have so you walk to talk with receptionists to do for you . If you lost your tour guide, our tour guide will give our company contacts to you in case something occurs so you can show our contact to authority or police to assist you. In our package tours included with travel insurance and our insurance company will manage to you if our driver gets accidents or you have it during tours so we will assist you full treatments, and we insure for victims, driver, tour guide, passengers and transports. 

We do hope your traveling with us bringing smile, satisfactions and unforgettable experiences with us –Home -Sweet –Home!