guide license no.3667, ministry of tourism-cambodia


James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd. Is registered under Bon Thai (James) by ministry of tourism, the royal Government of Cambodia from 2006 till now. Let me introduce myself to ladies and gentlemen, my name is Thai, my surname is Bon and my nickname is James.     


James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

I became a tour guide (English and Thai ) Speaking Tours Guide) from 2006 as my skills related with travel management, sales & marketing, guiding, tourism hospitality, customers services and translation. I am an orphan and I studied English, Thai and French without school when my country was under civil war and I learnt these languages by listening, and also learning by activities around trees


James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

in 1983, and I walked through the most terrible things in my life as such wars, land mine, etc. I studied a lot of things whoever has never done as my experiences related with civil wars, landmine, politics, charity, business, tourism industry, hospitality and social work. For tourism industry, my experiences involved with historical tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism 


James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

Recreational tourism, cycling, camping, trekking, adventure, nature tourism, dirt-bike, quad-bike, bird-watching, cooking-class, student travel, farming travel, school trip, medical trip, hospital trip, humanitarian travel, religious travel,  photography travel, wildlife tour, MICE, insensitive travel, agriculture tour, museum travel, island travel, beach travel, VIP travel, Embassy travel, 


James Tours Guide

Battleship interpretation as these in my guiding works and I often arranged historical tours, cultural tours, ecotourism   for my customers when they requested even though I am not a travel agency but I used to work in this field over 6 years so I do know clearly about Where To Go, What To Do, Where To Eat , and Where To Sleep around Cambodia and also islands, too.   


James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

I am a professional tour guide and photographer so I am so pleased to recommend you Which Place Is The Best To Shoot the photos and I am quite happy to do for you when you need and I do know how to arrange your trip to Buddhist temples for blessing by holly monks to make your life gets better and better but it depends on your believes.    


James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

Practically, all things that I had already done with thousand times with my customers so I hope ladies and gentlemen get me to be your tour guide but if I am busy with other customers our colleagues will work instead of me but Do Not Worry I Will Work and Support You Behind My Colleagues To Make Your Holidays Are Wonderful. 



James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.


James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

I am sure I do my best for your trips here As Not Only Money but For You as well satisfaction from your smile !