The view of Angkor Wat temple from south side.

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The towers of Angkor Wat temple from Bakheng Hill

The towers of Angkor Wat temple from Bakheng hill.

The sunrise at Angkor Wat temple

The sunrise at Angkor Wat temple

The sunrise at Angkor Wat temple

The sunrise at Angkor Wat temple

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We provide our services with the highest responsibility and a personal touch. 

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We provide the cool mineral water, cool towel, balm and medicine for treatment  the fever, headache, cough and diarrhea for free on tours. 

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James  Tours Guide Co.,Ltd. Is registered under Bon Thai (James) by ministry  of tourism, the royal Government of Cambodia from 2006 till now. Let me  introduce myself to you , my name is Thai, my surname is  Bon and my nickname is James. I became a tour guide (English, Thai and  Khmer Speaking Tours Guide) from 2006, and my skills related with travel management, customer services, business travel, and more.

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We can arrange everything to fit your requirements and we respect your decisions and also your privacy. Guide Better, Tours Better, Price Better, Honesty Better, Services Better, and Personal Touch and Travel Smart ! 

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Your safety,, your health , your family, your satisfaction, your holiday , your decision, and your privacy is No.1. 

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Beah of Koh Rong

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English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. 

James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

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Van, Bike, Car, Mini-bus 25 seats, Bus-35 and 45-seats, Tuk Tuk, Taxi to borders (Thailand, Vietnam and Laos ), Boat, Train, Domestic air ticket, Budget tours, Deluxe tours, VIP tours, Luxury tours, Honeymoon tours, Family tours, Single tours, Golf travel, Football travel, Gay travel, Lesbian travel, Beach travel, Business travel, religious travel, Farming travel, School trip, Medical trip, Hospital trip, Casino travel, Cooking-class, Historical tourism, Cultural tourism, Ecotourism, Recreational tourism, Nature tourism, MICE, Incentive group, Adventure tours, Camping, Student research, Cycling, Trekking, Bird-watching, Dirt-bike, Quad-bike adventure, Agriculture travel and Museum travel. 

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Adventure, Trekking, Cycling, Camping, Agriculture, Bird-watching, Dirt-bike, Quad, Historical tourism, Cultural tourism, Ecotourism, Recreational tourism, MICE, Beach travel, Business travel, Student research, Budget travel, Deluxe travel, Luxury travel, Gay travel, Honeymoon travel, Family travel, Solo travel. VIP travel, Football travel, Golf travel, religious travel, Cooking-class, Nature tourism, Casino travel, Farming travel, Multi-tours, One day-tour and   Classic tours. 

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Adventure, Trekking, Camping, Classic Tours, Quad-Bike, Dirt-Bike, Bird-Watching, Multi day Tours, Ecotourism, Historical Tourism,  Cultural Tourism, Nature Tourism, Recreational Tourism, Beach Travel, Business Management, MICE, Student Research, Cooking-Class, Tour-Sightseeing, Optional Tours, VIP Travel, Budget Travel, Golf Travel, Football Travel, Casino Travel, Package Tours, FAM Trip, Farming Trip, School Trip, Hospital Trip, Humanitarian trip. 

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Our group from Italia

 With James you feel like at home

With James you really feel like at home..
He is so gentle and full of knowledge that make you fall in love with Cambodia!
He is perfect for a tailored made tour we had with us a 6 year old child and he was really taking care of her needs. With his peaceful approach really make you feel relaxed and make you enjoy the Cambodian spirituality and magic of all the places we visited. I really recommend to choose James for your tour !! Thanks again my friend!I hope to come back to Cambodia soon

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Tours around the bays in Cambodia, beach sightseeing, diving, nature tourism, and ecotourism, rural area traveling and stay with local people. 

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James Tours Guide Co.,Ltd.

I am here to answer your questions and please don't hesitate to ask in what you want to know.  

We provide you the travelling and the life insurance on tours and we are responsible for our works.

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